Monday, 22 April 2013

Our Weekend

This weekend was mostly about makeolli drinking and kimchijeon devouring. Rainy day museum wandering. Brunch at 3pm. Roller derby and random British films. Has anyone seen the film Sightseers which is based in my home county, Yorkshire? Tasha recommended it. Very bizarre but made us laugh a lot.

I'm also lacking in photos this weekend as I didn't really take my camera out!
Deokcheon, Korea
Cheese Kimchijeon
Korean Roller derby team
Korean Roller derby team
Korean Roller derby team
sightseers film still
The view from Nick's kitchen window// Trying out a new cupcake shop in Jungang//
Daegu roller derby practice// Sightseers

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  1. wait wait... hahaha what's the huge pencil in the last pic? XD hahaah omg

    1. The big pencil is in the film I watched on Sunday! Sadly I don't own a pencil that big...Artbox don't sell them!!