Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Our Weekend: Rainy Day Hat tricks

Rain rain go away, Saturday in Busan was as dismal as a November day in England, so I stayed hidden away most of the day and cooked myself a red pepper and chorizo omelette. I eventually surfaced to go for dinner with Tash and Dan, followed by a spot of bowling. My bowling skills are so erratic, the harder I try to hit something, the less likely I am to actually do it. Check out my strike hat trick though that one me one of the three games that we played.

Sunday was completely different, the sun was shining and it seemed rude not to be outdoors. We headed to Amnam park, South of Nampo and went for a walk around the coast. It was perfect breezy weather for it.

To cap off a lovely day, we spent the evening in Nampo, getting some food and milling around Biff square where everyone was busy stuffing their faces with the treats from the street vendcrs.

I hope everyone else had a lovely weekend!

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Busan Rain
Rainy Day Breakfast
Korean bowling shoes
Korean Bowling
Korean Bowling
My one and only win!
Sleepy Puppy
Amnam Park
Amnam Park
Amnam Park
Amnam Park
Cherry Blossom, Amnam Park
BIFF Square
Rainy Busan from my window// breakfast and Downton Abbey//  Korean bowling shoes//
My hat trick// The puppy that obviously knows what to do to get himself sold//
Follow the blue and pink ribbons around Amnam park// not all the cherry blossom was washed away in the rain//
Nampo on a Sunday evening.


  1. so you're back in korea or are you there for vacation? (I'm sorry if I missed reading a detail if you've written about it >_<) aaahhh I envy youuuuu... I miss everything about Korea ;A; wanna go thereee... but life's been busy here I just can't find time to runaway T^T

    the cherry blossom is absolutely gorgeous, I love the blue-pink combo in your pic >3<

    and those puppies OMG lemme hug 'em all~!!! >w< and of course I'm joining your giveaway *winks* expect a post about it on my blog soon x) I've been wanting to talk about artbox anyway, that place is like a little heaven for me omg hahahah... and etude house is so pink it's LOOOVEEEEE~

  2. I'm going to live in Korea for another year! So I get to enjoy it all over again! I'm sure there are equally as pretty things where you live!!

    The puppies are really cute, it makes me want to buy one every time I walk passed them, and I have allergies too!

    I'm a big fan of Artbox, there are two where I live, sometimes I visit them both in one day to make sure I see all the pretty things!