Wednesday, 3 April 2013


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I caught a flight on March 1st back to Korea. This month seems to have lasted forever.

Some good things about this month have been our trip to Seoul to see the Tim Burton exhibition, starting to play roller derby a little more which lead to me exploring Daegu a little more (although it means I have to jam!) and having another session in the photobooths.

Things that weren't so great this month include our job changing, meaning we have to do so much more work, and getting used to the fact that most of our friends have left now, we said a final goodbye to Georgina the other week. On top of all of this are the threats coming from the North of Korea.

With things not being so great, I took a moment to think about what I really liked about living in Korea, including  the modesty buttons in the public toilets.

I started and also finished watching HBO's Girls. Not to mention avidly following the last few episodes of Walking Dead, it's so tense, what's going to happen!?

I shared with everyone a few of my favourite businesses back in Sheffield, some treats I bought myself from Japan, and also what everyone should pack if they're going to come and live in Korea for a long period of time.

There was also St Patrick's day to enjoy and a long overdue night out with my Korean colleagues, cue drinking games and raw eel, not a great mix.

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