Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Korean Make Up Trash, Treat or Stash: Daiso Nail Polish

Trash, treat or Stash. The products I've discovered are better off in the bin, the ones you should treat yourself to every now and again, and the ones that are so good that you should definitely make sure you have a stash of them.

Easter Nails

Daiso Nail Varnish Dolly Beads Spring colours

The cherry blossoms are out and I have a Creme Egg to eat... it must be Spring time. I decided to put my Daiso nail colours to the test with these pastel dolly bead colours.

Cost: These bottles of nail varnish only cost ₩2,000 each, which is about £1.20. This partly explains how my nail varnish collection has exploded so much this year.
Appliability: I put a base coat on these nails, followed by two coats of the nail varnish. It doesn't take long to dry and goes on easy peasy. I didn't put a top coat on.
Prettiness:  I liked it so much that I did this twice to my nails, my students loved it, but it might be that they're all under the age of 12. The bottle's simple but cute too.
Durability: This looked great for 4 days, that included playing games with the kids at school, drunk nights out and washing up. I think that was pretty good without a top coat and when the colours are so cheap.


Overall, get a stash, buy every color in the range! They stand up to the test on your nails and are so cheap that you won't mind throwing them away when it's time to board the plane to go back home.

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  1. when I went to Korea the first thing I bought was the nail coats, I bought like HEAPS of them hahahahaha.. to the point that I was afraid my luggage will get overweight by the nail polish alone (it didn't, thankfully lol) but really >_< they're just so tempting and colorful and bright and cheap!!! (the most important thing, like, ever! hahahaha)