Monday, 29 April 2013

Our Weekend: Jungang Park and Chunghon Tower

Looking out of the window right now, it's like being back in the UK, it's grey and gloomy and keeps showering. It feels seasons away from the lovely weather we had this weekend that made me really start looking forward to this Summer and all the things that we have planned.

Starting small, we have potential cancelled classes this week, I'm going to my first Korean wedding next weekend as my co-teacher is getting married, the weather's getting hotter which means more time outside. Beaches, street bars and lots of birthdays coming up. We have a long weekend later in the month and have already planned a trip to Namhae, an island off the South coast of Korea. This also ties in with Tasha's birthday weekend. Not long then until my second attempt to go to China. My flight's booked for July, so excited to see Clare again, and there may be an exciting detour on my journey back from China that means I get to see another friend I haven't seen in a while.

Other things that happened this weekend were eating the most delicious Chinese food with Tash and Dan in Hadan on Friday, walking up to Jungang Park on Saturday which only takes about 15 minutes from my apartment. A trip to Daegu where I met the roller derby team and we had a picnic followed by a mixed scrimmage with the Seoul team, then finally a lazy stroll around Taejongdae Park in Busan late on Sunday afternoon, I'll put those photos up later in the week.

My Rooftop view in Busan
Steps upto Jungang Park
Jungang view
War Memorial, Jungang Park
War Memorial, Jungang Park
Jungang Park
Jungang Park
View of Busan from Jungang Park
Chunghon Tower

Do you see the tower at the top of the hill behind me? Chunghon Tower is a memorial dedicated to the Korean war. It also states on a plaque at the bottom that it serves to spread anti-communist and patriotic feelings.

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