Tuesday, 23 April 2013

14 things to do when it rains in Busan

what to do when it rains in Busan

Forget about Winter for a second Jon Snow, don't you know that the rainy season's coming? A few weeks of non stop rain that would probably have Sheffield under several metres of water.

The last few days have reminded me of the impending rainy season. This year I'm a little more prepared and have my wellies, but here is one thing to do in Busan that won't bankrupt you, for every soggy day of the rainy fortnight that's headed our way.

1. Cafes
Grab a book and hide behind it in one of the 100 coffee shops on your road. One drink and they'll leave you alone for hours! Try one of my favourite cafes in Nampo.

2. Cat Cafe
Coffee and cats. What more could you want? I love With Cat cat cafe in KSU.

3. Board Games
Go to Fully Booked or Beached and try your hand at one of the many board games they have to offer, it helps that both places serve food too.

4. Bang!
DVD Bang, Noreabang, Multi Bang, whichever one takes your fancy, get your friends along and relax for the afternoon.

5. Exercise
Maybe something that you put off when the weather is nice and people are meeting up for picnics and lunches.

6. Spring Clean
Something else that is more a necessity than fun, but you'll feel loads better for it, and will be able to get outside, guilt free as soon as the sun shows its face.

8. Museums
The museums in Busan are so cheap, and sometimes free. If you haven't tried any of them yet, then it's a perfect time.

9. Cinema
I've noticed people at home are complaining about how much the cinema now costs back in the UK. It's still amazingly cheap in Korea, so hide away in the dark.

10.Underground Shopping
Go to Seomyeon or Deokcheon and do some window shopping. I always promise myself that I'll go and have a proper look around.

11. Ice Skating
Go to Shinsegae, don a helmet and get on the ice. Prepare to be made to feel inferior by the tiny children in lyrca who are obviously pros.

12. Jimjilbang
Avoid the indecent exposure fines that come from flashing skin outside and get naked with everyone inside. Hot baths and massages are perfect to while away the hours.

13. Eat!
It's Korean tradition to eat pajeon and drink makeolli on rainy days, so find a restaurant and lounge about on the floor for the afternoon. Don't blame me if you fall into a puddle due to a food/drink induced coma.

14. Carry On with Your Day
Stop being a wuss, buy a super cheap umbrella from one of the soggy ajummas on the street corner, and do what you originally planned.

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