Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Our Weekend: Pig Neck and Paddy's day

This weekend was mostly spent saying goodbye to George as she left Korea to return back to England. I finally donned my skates after a year and practiced with the ROKD giels, and we celebrated St Patrick's day by watching the rugby game.
Pig Neck BBQ
Pig Neck BBQ
Pig Neck BBQ
Pig Neck BBQ
사진 129
Vintage cafe
Korean Photobooths
Huge Beer
Giant plates of food
Gwangan Bridge
I never thought I'd say this but delicious pig neck BBQ// George's last dinner// Put the
meat in a leaf and roll it altogether// Not looking impressed at Tasha' samjan covered
chopstick// The vintage cafe// Strawberry juice// Photobooth sesh//
Beer bigger than my head// Chicken, salad and crisps// St Paddy's day at Gwangalli

Work is so incredibly challenging at the moment that I feel like I try and drain every single second out of the weekend. Our school decided to change the whole way we work which has more than tripled the work we have to do. So here's counting down another 3 days until I can relax again!

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