Thursday, 14 March 2013

Not everything in Korea smells like...


Work's well and truly started, the only place I can get a decent cup of tea is at my house and people bustle past me like I'm in a roller derby game- it can only mean I'm back in Korea, and have been for a while now. I have a serious case of the holiday blues. To try and combat it, I decided to list some of my favourite things about Korea. They may be obsessed with poop shape things, but not everything here is bad...

♥ The 'Yogi-Yoh' Button

This is a little door bell like contraption on every table in the restaurants. The servers happily stay out of your way until you ring the bell, then they will be over in a flash. No awkward moments when the server comes over to check your food when you have your mouth full, and no trying to catch the waiter's eye when you want something from them, just ring it and they're there at your beck and call.

Plus, if they don't have a bell, it's ok here to shout OVERE HERE! at the top of your lungs.

♥ The Cheapness of everything

Eating a massive dinner for less than £5. Cinema tickets for prices that're a long forgotten memory in England. I no longer have to check my bank balance through squinty eyes in fear of what the minus figure is going to be. It's amazing!

♥ Travel

Trains that arrive on time and are really cheap, buses that do actually run every ten minutes and don't make you wait for half an hour before two arrive at the same time, and to top it all off, a travel card (like an Oyster) that you can use on EVERYTHING!


Weirdly themed rooms that are generally right in the thick of it for less than probably two hours in a holiday inn. Even better is that most of them have event rooms with hot tubs, pool tables and karaoke rooms that are great for parties.

♥The Toilets

Most are sparkling clean and they do all manner of things at the touch of the button that I never imagined a toilet could do, the best part is the heated seats on an icy Winter's day. Add to this the amusement that most public toilets have a 'Modesty' or 'Etiquette' button. This is a button that girls use to cover up any unladylike noises they might make, whenever they press it the sound of gushing water fills the cubicle.

♥ Being Close to Everything

Within less than an hour I can be relaxing on lovely sandy beaches or conquering big mountains. What's more is that give me an hour or so on a plane and I can be in Japan, China and lots of other places that are worth exlporing.


  1. awww.. this post made me miss Korea all over again, not that I need this post to remind me how wonderful Korea was... I mean, I guess you forgot all those themed cafes, and also the artistic shops, and girly boutiques, and and and... rraawrrr... I miss Korea *sobs*

    1. Oh no! This wasn't supposed to make you feel sad!! The cafes are amazing in korea though!! Where did you live when you were here? x

    2. I stayed in incheon before moving to hongdae, and that was like the best thing ever happened to me hwhahahah.. although I got lost in hongdae EVERYTIME I went there o.o