Monday, 25 February 2013

Weekend: Food and Family

Well I'm sat keeping an eye on the bits I've been trying to sell on ebay as my last weekend in the UK draws to an end. I don't feel ready to go back to Busan yet, there's so much left to do and still so many people that I haven't had the chance to catch up with. But, it was a busy one, starting with some dentist work on Friday morning, not fun, especially when your dentist has bad breath.

Later on Friday I went into Sheffield to meet some of my friends I used to work with at the job before I left for Korea. It was so nice to see them again but it felt like I'd hardly been away. Every pay day Friday we used to get our gladrags on and go out.
Lou and I
The next day was followed with more friends in Nottingham. This time it was the girls I used to go to university with. While we were at university it was probably more like three times a week that we'd go out dancing. I got to wear my Forever 21 Hello Kitty dress too.

We had lunch, where i decided just to have dessert because of my awful sweet tooth, then we went out for cocktails. My favourite place was Cocotang which has the best cocktails I've tasted. I had a parma violet one, and if you know my roller derby name you'll know how much i love the taste of them. I also tried the Tobelerone which tasted like a chocolately White Russian. Showing my age I just about fell into bed at 1.
Lucy and I on the hotel bed
Lucy and I
The next morning we went for Brunch at Frankie and Bennies before it was time for me to get back in the car and go to Leicester to catch up with some family I've not seen in a long time.
Lizzie and Stacey
Ann, Gemma and I
Only 4 more days until my flight back to Busan, and I don't feel ready at all! Eeek!

Sorry for the phone photos, but I daren't take out my camera on nights out with my record of losing and breaking cameras.

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