Monday, 4 February 2013

Our Weekend: Skiing and Quizzes

Happy Monday everybody! It's wet and rainy here but it's my last Monday before I'll be back in wet and rainy England for three weeks so it's a particularly good one! Not to mention, this weekend was lots of fun.

We started it on Friday night with sushi at Kappa Sushi where your order is delivered to your table on a small, motorised plane or dinosaur...amazing!
Quiz master

This was followed by a quiz night, with Nick as Quiz Master. He'd been planning it all week and it was lots of fun. It included a guess the flag round, guess the fruits round, general knowledge, current affairs, sports, Busan, entertainment and music round. Unfortunately Anna and I didn't win, and our team came last. I blame it on not having enough time to have the arts and crafts round which I strongly believe would have been our forte. Tasha's team 'How do you find Will Smith in the snow?...Follow the Fresh Prints' won, they were the proud owners of a tin of Spam, which got discarded before we got on the bus to go to High1.
Ready to ski

Dan's ski outfit

The girls

Animal hats

G skiing

Night buses and I don't get on, so when we arrived at High1 at 7:30 the next morning I was pretty bleary eyed. After some breakfast we kitted up and hit the slopes. It was my second time skiing and rather than progress, I seemed to have taken a step backwards, with a day spent mainly on my bum or clinging helplessly to the barriers and with hardly any sleep, I'm sad to say I decided to call it a day and handed everything in. Exchanging skis for coffee and my kindle.

Before leaving the High1 resort yesterday afternoon we soaked in the outdoor heated pool while it snowed around us. The perfect ending to a great weekend. I also think I need to add ski lessons to my list of goals this year.

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