Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Our Weekend: Food Diary

All I seem to have done since I've been in England is eat, eat, eat. I swear that I haven't heard my stomach rumble since the plane touched ground. This weekend has been a particularly food packed one.

On Thursday, after I had my hair cut, we went to St Paul's hotel and had one of their amazing cream teas. This comes with cucumber, salmon and cream cheese and ham and tomato sandwiches, scones with fresh cream and a small mix of cakes. Delicious.

On Friday morning, feeling the effects of all the food, we decided to go for a walk around Clumber Park's lake. It's about a three mile walk and took just over an hour, but on the way home, to reward ourselves, we called in at the Old School Tea Rooms and I had a ploughman's lunch.

Friday night I was reunited with the girls from the roller derby team. It was so nice to see them again, and nice to be in places that play good music and serve tasty drinks. We went to one of my favourite places from my younger years, the Corporation, which made me feel really old!

The next morning, Pauline, or Go-Go as the derby world may know her went for a big slap up breakfast at Bungalows and Bears.

When Monday rolled around and I just about managed to roll myself out of bed I kept a wide birth of the scales, and will be doing so until I get back to Korea.

Sheffield Council House
Cream Tea
Clumber Park
Clumber Park
IMG_Clumber Park4427
Clumber Park
Ploughman's lunch
Valentines day flowers
Tasha, Kandy and I
James, Me and Pauline pratising Egyo
Bungalows and Bears
Pauline and I
Fried Breakfast
Jessica Ennis Postbox
Saturday night wine
Sheffield Peace Gardens// St Paul's cream tea// Taking the wellies on a walk//
Clumber Park// Ploughman's lunch// Valentine's day flowers// Crucible Square//
Reunited with the roller derby team// Dev Chippy at the end of the night//
Bungalows and Bears breakfast// Caroline and the Jessica Ennis postbox//
Saturday night wine and soju

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