Friday, 1 February 2013


Korean Student
One of my naughtiest, yet favourite students at Winter Camp
I started this post yesterday with high suspicions that the weather had taken a turn for the better and it was starting to get warmer here in Busan, but it looks like I was being overly optimistic. Today it's pouring down with rain and I have had to teach the whole morning with pitifully soggy feet. Sad face. But, that being said, I've noticed more and more that my earmuffs and mittens are being left at home, and the other day it was hot enough for me to venture out in my denim jacket rather than my thick furry leopard print coat.

I'm sure I would never have dreamed of jumping into the sea in just my swimming costume in December, yet the weather must be getting better as it seemed like a perfectly reasonable idea on Saturday.

I saw the new year in in a British Themed Pub in Osaka. In the company of Nick, an old American pilot, a Hero lookalike and a gaggle of K-Pop fans- something that will probably never happen again.

I explored the streets of Tokyo, from the Lolita dress shops to the Imperial Palace, although alot of it appeared to be closed.

My last full month at school started with Winter Camp, teaching Sports to 1st graders and Debate to 5th and 6th graders made the weeks fly by.

I booked my flight home to England, only 10 more sleeps until I will be at the airport. That won't be the only time that I've taken flight recently, as I shared my parasailing adventures with my lack of suitable clothing.

I also confessed to you my love of Sonny Angel dolls and told you all my 2013 goals and the fact that I was going to increase the amount of exercise, hoping that you keep a tight leash on me. Finally, Nick and I decided to head over to the Aquarium, to check out what it claims to be 'the nation's longest tunnel', the jackass penguins and the array of ugly fish they have on show.

Only 6 more working days until I'm on a plane home. If I had made the decision NOT to stay in Korea for another year, then I would have been going home for good in just over 4 weeks. January has slipped away as I excitedly mark down the days on the calendar.

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