Thursday, 7 February 2013

I love lists...

I started this post a long, long time ago, when I'd first arrived in Korea. It was about the vast amount of lists I had for films that I wanted to watch, books I wanted to read, places in Korea that I wanted to see, and things I wanted to do, but recently a whole new species of lists has been developed with my imminent trip to England. I love lists, they really do make me feel like I'm getting things done, even if it is partly indulging the side of me that likes to procrastinate.

Having been in Korea for a year, I've been deprived of several things that used to be pretty important to me, here are the lists I've made for my visit home.

Warm scones with raspberry jam with seeds and lots of fresh cream, served with hot tea made in a teapot and served in a china cup. Yorkshire puddings, mash potato and real sausages covered in gravy (my Northern side coming out!). Thick hummous and big juicy olives. Not to mention fish and chips. Yum.

The largest lady's size in Korea is a UK size 6, and that's considered big. Cue a man shouting 'Hey big ladies' at us when we walk into a shoe shop. I can't wait to walk into a shop and have my choice of any shoes. Ballet pumps, flats, trainers, sandals, boots, I'll try them all. At the moment I'm torn about these shoes.

Most shops in Korea do 'One Size' so nothing seems to fit quite right, it's usually horrifically baggy or torturously tight. I can't wait to be reunited with my faithful friends, Primark, New Look, Top Shop and Ark.

Every other song played is Gangnam Style, this is interspersed with awful techno music. I can't wait to dance with my friends to songs that I feel slightly mediocre about, never mind the ones that I love.

I think I'm going to be a whirlwind around the shops back in the UK. I've already pillaged the online sales and hope that there's lots of bounty waiting for me when I get home.

If you're a fan of lists, here's a list of 9 lists that it's recommended everyone should have.

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