Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Home Sweet Home

Pheasant in the snow
Snow! I forgot that snow actually settled sometimes, but it seems like England has decided to remind me of that fact ever since the day we landed. At least it means I get to wear my Hunter Wellies.

The last few days has been a blur of gloomy grey sky, jet lag naps, hugs that have been saved up for a whole year, doctor appointments, dentist appointments, nurse appointments and the revelation that, sometimes, not that much changes in a year.

After getting all the serious business out of the way I've been on a massive splurge in Primark, eaten myself silly with Nandos and the chip shop, and caught up with Louise, a friend that I used to work with.

Home so far is lots of fun, although I need to stop bowing at people and presuming everyone who's talking in English is talking to me.
Welcoming Committee
Fish and Chips
Pikelets for breakfast
Testing out Korean Presents
First Nandos
Me and Grandpa Lamb

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