Thursday, 14 February 2013

Happy Birthday Millie

Happy Valentine's day everyone! I decided to eat chocolate for my breakfast this morning because, a. I'm not in England for long and there's not much time to fit in good chocolate, and b. I haven't been given any chocolates for Valentine's day as Nick is thousands of miles across the planet.

Today I'm off to get my hair cut and have cream tea. Exciting.

Yesterday it snowed lots, but it didn't stop us going to a restaurant to celebrate Millie's 22nd birthday after she got back from university. Happy Birthday Millie!

Birthday Cheesecake
Not so little sister
Millie Birthday Shoes


  1. OMG those shoes are great. Foxy lady!!!

    -Cathy from Cathy Trails

    P.s. thanks for commenting the other day! Hope you had a stellar week!

    1. I know! Those shoes make my younger sister completely tower over me though!!

      It's my first week back home after a year away- it has been amazing!!