Friday, 8 February 2013

Bitter Sweet Goodbyes

And we're done! Our first year in Korea is complete. I've said goodbye to my 6th graders today who are off to tackle middle school.

What an amazing year it's been. We're flying back to the UK on Sunday and have three weeks of visiting friends and family, clothes shopping, eating delicious food and sightseeing before we come back to face our second year of madness.

Korea Year 1
Cat cafe// Photobooth fun// dancing soju
Halloween sugarskulls// Baseball// Big Buddha
Cute coffee// Promise locks// Pirate Party
The first year ending is pretty bitter sweet, I cannot wait to go home and be somewhere where I feel familiar, but at the same time there are going to be alot of holes in our friendship group as three of my favourite people in Korea, Grace, Anna and George, are all heading off on new adventures. Boo. They've made my first year in Korea so much fun.
grace anna george1

Tasha, Katie, Grace, Anna and I commemorated our last night all together by going to the photo booths that are really popular over here and got some photos done, but I'll share more of that another time.

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