Monday, 18 February 2013

Bad Hair Days

If i tried to document the trials and tribulations of my hair, then I think it would result in a book thicker than all 7 years of Harry Potter's dramas at Hogwarts.
Hair throughout the ages
Doctors fancy dress but it turned out I look more like Garth Wayne's World// Geek Fancy Dress// How I feel about fancy dress
The first problem is my terrible habit of picking my split ends. I just can't help tugging at a split end if I see one out of the corner of my eye. And once i see one, I start hunting for others. Every time I find one I feel all smug, like that's one less damaged hair I have to worry about. I've done it since I was really young and now I do it without even realising sometimes. It's something I've yet to stop, but I really need to as it means that my hair lingers at the same length and hardly grows.

Add to this the fact that i like to straighten my hair almost every morning, and dye it every couple of months, and it's easy to see why my hair's a little reluctant to cooperate with me. I remember the day I decided that I didn't want black hair anymore, and that it was time I tried blonde. 48 hours later, 5 doses of bleach and 3 toners later and my hair was the saddest it had ever been and expressed this by adopting the texture of candy floss.

That's a couple of years ago now, and I feel like I'm a little more considerate towards my barnet. Partly to do with all of the damage control after the bleach, and partly because I found a hairdresser that cuts it exactly how I want. Although, whilst in Korea I only got it cut once, all throughout the cut the hairdresser was moaning the word 'emergency' under her breath.

So, as soon as I had my flights booked, I called up Wigs and Warpaint, the salon that I go to and made sure that I had an appointment booked. I can't even explain how happy i was to see my hairdresser and how much better my hair feels now.
After having it all snipped, I decided it was time to dye it. I was gutted when I found out that Boots, Superdrug and Wilkinsons no longer have my favourite dye. This was Garnier's Herbashine. I decided to bite the bullet and decided to try out a new one, cue trying two different hair dyes in only three days.


The first I tried was Garnier's Olia, which is oil based. As the Herbashine that I swore by was Garnier i had high hopes. I put it on and impatiently waited the obligatory 30 minutes. Once my hair was dry I can't explain how disappointed I was. My roots hadn't properly been covered, the ends looked lighter and really dry, and after applying the conditioner my hair was really greasy- to the point that i had to wash it all over again. Not good.

So on Saturday I decided to try a different colour and went for nice'n easy by Clairol. The colour has taken to my hair a lot better (it's also taken to my face, I need to do some serious scrubbing to get it off) and it's made my hair look way healthier and shinier than the Olia colour.

Winner: Both of the colours were equally priced and both took the same amount of time but this time, it's nice'n easy that wins. However, if I ever see Herbashine in the shops again, then I'd definitely stock up on that as neither of the colours I've tried really compares.

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