Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Our Weekend: Freezing For A Reason

Friday saw the end of Winter camp and the start of a four day weekend, which is always welcome. And this weekend was particularly packed with friends and fun things to do.

On Saturday Nick and I headed to the beach early to take part in the Freezin' For A Reason January dip in the ocean for charity. I was umming and aarring about whether to do it or not, and at the last minute decided that I couldn't let Nick do it on his own. I won't be doing that again in too much of a hurry.
Before the dip. Shall I? Shan't I?
In the sea, freezing
I stayed in for at least 30 seconds
Nick post wee
We did it!

Saturday night was our last night out all together before Tash and I leave for our 3 week holiday in England and sadly Grace and Anna head off for greener pastures. To celebrate, or commiserate, we headed to KSU.
I don't know what the joke is
The next day was the final of the tennis, so we spent the night at Beached showing Murray our support. Sadly, us staring fixedly at the screen failed to help him, so we played darts instead.

Monday I became one of the guys and joined them on a walk up the mountain with Ziggy, on the way back down we treated ourselves to some goat, which is amazing.
Momos dog love
The Start of the walk
VIP mountain top crew
Circle of Life

Mountain Restaurant
And finally today, feeling like it's about time that I prepared myself to finish off this last week and a half that's left of school, I decided to relax. We went for breakfast at the coffee shop down the road and then spent the afternoon lazing in Spaland.
Bagels for Breakfast
Amongst all of this, I also managed to watch Silver Linings Playbook, which I absolutely adored.

Now it's time to prepare for our last few days at school until March!