Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Goodbye 2012, Hello 2013

I've been a victim of the photo editor today which would keep freezing my computer and then the fonts I had been using would have disappeared...but here goes my year in pictures.

Leaving Work
Saying goodbye to my office job and starting to get ready for the big move
Lots of trips to London to collect our Korean visas ready for D Day

Last Roller Derby Game for SSRG
My last roller derby game, saying goodbye to the team

Our new home
In Busan and getting used to our new home city

Diamond Bridge Walk
Finding our feet and walking over the diamond bridge

Summer finally comes, festivals in China Town and visiting the orphanage

Summer Vacation
Summer Vacation in Seoul and Jisan Festival
Mum and I
Mum visitng, going to Jeju Island.
Resting at the top of Seoraksan
No biggie, but I climbed a mountain. Amazing fireworks and halloween
All the group
Seoul and DMZ trip to celebrate birthdays
Present time
Christmas away from home with new and old friends

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