Monday, 7 January 2013

Christmas in Busan

Christmas in Busan was almost as magical at home, lots of Christmas lights, weird Korean versions of popular Carols being played in shops, even the Korean equivalent of the Pound Shop stocked up on Christmas decorations. Not to mention RED CUPS at Starbucks, the first time I'd drunk there since leaving the UK.

I'd been a bit apprehensive about Christmas creeping up as it was the first time that I would ever have been away from home, and was a bit worried that on the day I might be a sobbing mess over the turkey after Skype conversations to everyone back home. But luckily it turned out that the turkey was the saving grace in terms of emotional control. I was so busy having to try and cook for 12 people, that I completely forgot that it was really a special day and kind of a big deal that I wasn't at home. I guess this is how my mum must feel every year when she tries to cook the Christmas dinner.

After raiding Homeplus, which is owned by Tesco, the only thing that we were missing for dinner was sprouts, and no one seemed to mind too much. We had a turkey, chicken, mashed and roast potatoes, stuffing, yorkshire puddings, lots of veg and lashings of gravy. Grace also made the most amazing Banoffee Pie which disappeared within seconds.

The day was filled with friends, merriment, presents, lots of food, drink and games. My favourite part was trying out the Taboo app on the kindle, most of the girls' team having the upper hand as they weren't so heavily under the influence of alcohol.

It was really nice spending the day with people that I consider some of my closest friends now, but who I didn't even know existed last year, but also catching up with old friends and family on Skype.

Even on boxing day when the bright sun that shone through Katie's sea view apartment illuminated the mess that comes from having 12 people cooped up in an apartment for hours on end, it was still all worth it.

What was even more exciting was taking all my presents back to my apartment and having to pack ready for my Japan adventure the next day.

Christmas Eve Jenga
Christmas Eve Jenga

Christmas Girls
Christmas Morning

A happy Veggie
Veggie Xmas Breakfast

Banoffee Pies
Delicious Banoffee Pies
Present time
Present Time

Coupling Presents
Great Minds

DIY Crackers
DIY Crackers

Hat Lovers
New Hats
Christmas Hug

My Yorkshires
My Yorkshires

Christmas Dinner
Xmas Dinner

Say Cheese

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