Monday, 17 December 2012

Our Weekend


On Thursday we had what was supposed to be a quiet get together at Rock and Roll bar in Seomyeon to say goodbye to Caroline, and Katie and Alex who are off to Thailand for some Christmas sun. Lucky! What started as a civilised affair turned into alot of red wine, pool and darts, which is one of the reasons I love Rock and Roll bar. Tears were soon added to the equation once we started to say goodbye.

Needless to say, it was hard after a 3 day ski trip which I'll right more about soon, and one English themed event day, that the last day was incredibly hard. Especially as the last day was the 5th and 6th graders who think that the Event days are too childish for them.

Friday night was all about catching up on sleep, getting the last of my Xmas presents in the post and eating some amazing Japanese food at a restaurant just off BIFF square.

Saturday was wet and drizzly so we didn't venture out until later, so Nick could buy a gift for one of the boys that lives at Soyang Orphanage. He ended up getting a Man U shirt and football, I hope the boy who gets it likes it.

Saturday night they had an 80s night on in KSU, and not having danced in so long, Anna and I headed down there, with bows and blusher aplenty. The music started off really, really good and it was nice to hear music that wasn't the typical techno dance, or House that all the clubs seem to play over here.

Sunday we well and truly embraced the Korean culture and had a go on the arcade machines as we walked into Nampo, did a spot of Xmas shopping and watched The Hobbit, one of my favourite books from when I was young.  I thought Martin Freeman was perfect to play Bilbo but it feels like the story's been unnecessarily dragged out.

Now we have one more day left at school (my birthday!) until we're off for a day, then two more days and we're off for two weeks and I'll be on my way to Japan! Exciting!

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