Thursday, 8 November 2012

Trick Eye Museum

Back in August when I was madly planning for my Mum's trip to Busan I picked up a leaflet about Busan's Trick-eye museum. She never made it, so as I've set myself the task of trying to find new places in Busan I decided to try it out on Tuesday.

If you hadn't already notice, Korean's love taking pictures, and the slowness of my computer and it's full drive suggests that I've been bitten by the fever too. This museum is just an excuse to take hundreds of pictures. There are lots of artworks that encourage people to interact with them and get involved. For that reason it's a bit of a bizarre place to be. Rather than explaining the artwork on the boards next to the pictuires, there are hints and tips on how to take funny photos.

We went an hour before closing so we almost had the whole place to ourselves, which made Nick a little daring at times...
Who knew that's what cause the Scream?
Spider Man
Spider Man
Checking It Out
Checking it out.
My ideal library
Neverending story

Little and Large

Sadly my camera died shortly after these which brought a premature ending to the pics, but the museum was about to close up for the evening so we headed to PNU and got some BBQ and Hite instead.

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