Monday, 26 November 2012

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Breaking Dawn Part 2. The end of the cheesefest that has taken up a big slice of my life since i was coerced into reading the first book a couple of years ago. It was a strange finale to it all but I can still say I'm team Jacob to the end!
Ready for ice skating
Looking ready as I'll ever be for skating...
Ice Skating! Nick took me to the ice-rink as a surprise. I loved the fact they made us wear ridiculous helmets on the ice.  We were totally shown up by the tiny kids in lycra who were whizzing around, but it didn't stop us trying to give Torvill and Dean a run for their money.

Uno Game
Tasha with her fancily painted nails
Board Games. It's cold outside and the beaches of Busan are almost a long forgotten memory. It's all about staying in and keeping warm now. Who knew Uno had so many rules?!

Gangnam Style Socks
Oppam Gangnam Style
Millions of layers to keep warm, topped off by market socks. Gangnam style.
Shinsegae department store christmas tree
Pretty tree at Shinsegae department store
And trying harder than usual to get myself into the Xmas mood. This year is going to be a strange one, but there's lots of things we have planned that I think will make this Christmas one that we won't forget.

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