Monday, 5 November 2012

Our Weekend

After lots of weekends away it was nice to spend some time at home this weekend.

On Friday night some friends got together and we went to a few places around Nampo to eat, drink, and perfect our aegyo skills.

Saturday morning was bright and breezy so I headed back to Nampo, and got myself lost in the market where I discovered a few cute vintage shops and a big building filled with lots of smaller vintage boutiques. After this is seemed a little rude not to have a Red Velvet Cupcake, so I decided to get one to take home with me.

Saturday night was ladies night, so we all got together in Oncheonjang where we tried home made cocktails, and then meant to head out to PNU to watch a battle of the bands competition, but ended up going out too late. It was really nice to see all the bars really busy, as sometimes they can be a little quiet and lacking in atmosphere.

Sunday I just relaxed, popped into Nampo, watched the film, Attack the Block which I thought was awful and had to give up on half way through and had an early night ready for my first full week of teaching since September!

To top my weekend off I decided to go and get my haircut for the first time since I've been in Korea. Because of some decisions I've had to think about over the last month I've literally been pulling my hair out so thought it could do with some TLC. At a friend's recommendation i decided to go to Hwamiju in Nampo. It has a bright purple sign, is up on the 2nd floor of the main street of Nampo, right opposite the big Paris Baguette. It's super fancy inside.

As soon as the stylist, Mina saw my hair she started muttering 'Emergency' under her breath. My own hairdresser didn't even react like that after I bleached my hair 5 times in 48 hours. She'd periodically stop snipping away to stroke and coo over my eyelashes, then finished my straightening my hair into what can only be described as a Rachel look. Having said that it wasn't a bad price at 27,000, she could speak really good English and she did give me entertainment while I sat there...

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