Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Junggang Street Art

If you're ever around the 40 steps area of Busan it'd be well worth coming to explore the side streets of our school. At the start of October they had a street art festival where lots of different artists were given a space to be creative.

We went down for a look and here are some of my favourites:
The footsteps lead up the stairs with the
lyrics of a well known children's song beside you
Piano Wall
I loved the piano on the wall
Art on the wall at the back of school
Stairway behind school
These are the steps behind myschool, you can see our weird
spiral slope where the lunch carts are pushed on the right of the page.
Street Art
Jinny and the birds
Jinny less than pleased I coerced her into a picture
with a painted sky and metal birds flying above her.
Keep Fishing
A silhouette on the wall catching a big painted
Flowery Moon
The rabbit on the moon
According to Jinny the Koreans don't believe in the man on the moon
like I was brought up with. Instead, they believe there is a rabbit on the moon! Interesting.
The rabbit on the moon
She also said the rabbit isn't alone, there is a woman on the moon. From what I can
gather she has a pestle and mortar with her.
More drain pipes
Drain pipe and gutter art
Call me
It's definitely worth a gander. The artists were also kind enough that when my coteacher went on the scroung for event day, they gave her lots of paints to complete a few things in our solar system room.

To get there, climb the forty steps, cross the road and walk up the next flight of stairs that will be slightly on your left. You'll be in an alleyway, and this is where the art starts!

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