Friday, 16 November 2012

Happy Belated Pepero Day

Pepero Day Treats
Pepero day treats
It's been almost a week since Pepero day, 11th November in Korea, which is the same day that Remembrance Sunday in the UK fell on. It was strange to celebrate such a weird little holiday on the same day.

Pepero is a snack in Korea, I think people in the UK would know them as Mikado, which is the Japanese counterpart. Because of the way the date looks when it's written, 11.11, the company decided it looks like four of the chocolate covered sticks, so they decided to make a holiday out of it.

The point of Pepero day is to give your loved ones and friends a gift. Cue lots of chocolatey sticks on sale, small boxes of them stuck together to make massive hearts, one covered in coconut and hundreds and thousands, it was hard to resist temptation while shopping.

My lovely co teacher bought us a box of strawberry flavoured ones each, and my students on Friday  bombarded me with sticks in the hope that we wouldn't do much work that day.

It reminded me that I hadn't mentioned it on the day after receiving a huge one from my last class of the day, which she said was her leftovers from the weekend. I like that I was her last resort. But a Pepero breakfast was a nice start to our weekend in Seoul.

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