Friday, 12 October 2012


7am this morning I climbed into a taxi, bleary eyed and not knowing what was in store.

First of all the driver handed me a Korean Wagon Wheel, followed by a fistful of lollipops, each one he had a reason for giving me as each flavour matched a part of my personality apparently (purple for elegance, orange for cute and yellow for happy), this was topped off by a party hooter. Amazing,

Then he handed me his tablet which showed him on a joke TV show where he wouldn't let any of his passengers out of the taxi until he had rolled out the red carpet.

Finally, as the short journey came to a close, he pulled over, stopped the meter and asked me to put on a pearl tiara and Miss Universe sash and pose, while he took pictures of it on my own phone.

Looking at the photo I feel sorry for my bewildered, tired and confused self. A bit gutted I didn't get the red carpet treatment though...

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