Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Our Weekend: Happy Halloween

Fireworks over the Diamond Bridge
The weather on Saturday was perfect for the creepy halloween festivities that we had planned. It was stormy and windy, and from Katie's apartment in Dongbaek whenever lightning flashed we could see the waves crashing onto the rocks below. It was no surprise that the fireworks on Saturday night were cancelled. This worked  for us and gave us more time to experiment with our costumes.

When we got to KSU the halloween atmosphere was fantastic. So many people had dressed up and there were hundreds of people milling about on the streets and taking pictures.

Dead Riding Hood

Pooh bear and grandma catching up over a cigarette

Wolf and frog kigu

Two face

Luckily Sunday was a lovely crisp day, perfect for Busan's big firework event. We headed to the beach early, grabbed some food and played card games. The fireworks were all so pretty and the flying birds were definitely my favourite.

Add into the equation the best banana makeolli that I've tasted on Friday, a week of lots of cancelled classes and needless to say I fell into bed exhausted but happy last night after a great weekend.

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