Monday, 8 October 2012

Our Weekend: Chuseok

View of Gwangalli Bridge and Haeundae from Igidae coastal walk.
This is a little late now as we've had another weekend in between, but here's what we got upto the weekend of Chuseok.

After madly chasing the days away on my calendar, Chuseok finally arrived on Friday afternoon, and everyone was in a great mood at school.

To start the weekend off the girls headed around to Katie's house who lives in a lovely apartment that overlooks Dongbaek Island. We chatted, drank wine and ate pizza and eventually decided to try our hand at chat roulette after being inspired by this video. Needless to say we saw some sights that I don't think we want to remember.

On Saturday, Tasha, Grace and Grace's friend decided to go on a walk to Igidae park. This is a coastal park near Kyungsungdae. The uphill climbs were well worth the views. We got home just in time to slip in a cheeky nap before a bonfire party on Dadaepo beach.

Dadaepo is one of my favourite beaches, although it is tucked away in the South of Busan, far from the metro and sometimes it feels like it's far from civilization. Unfortunately we missed the fountain showing that the beach is renowned for. I'm not sure if I've mentioned it before but Koreans LOVE fountains...

On Sunday I woke up excited to be going on a mini holiday to Gwangju, I leisurely finished packing, made some lunch, and it was only then did I decide to double check the tickets and realise that I was an hour late for the bus...not fun. Luckily the transport company's here are happy to refund a percentage of your ticket, even if you miss the bus, and we got on the next one. Sorted!

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