Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Igidae Costal Walk

There are plenty of places to hike around Busan, and I have only done one or two, but this walk is really nice.

It's pretty hard at times, it starts with a long relenting hill, plateaus out for a while before you come to a wooden walkway, just like the one around Dongbaek Island. These steps lead take you up far more than they take you down, but if you keep peering behind you, the views of Haeundae and Gwangan are well worth it.

On our way we were greeted by an elderly man who claimed to be a volunteer, whose cap was blown over the side of the wooden walkway. Unperturbed, he kept on trying to talk to us in his broken English and it was only as we started walking away that we noticed he had hoisted himself over the handrail and was scaling down the cliff face to rescue his cap.

We also saw snorkellers, people fishing, and a man taking a gang of chiuauas on a walk.

It did come to a rather anti-climatic ending, as we ended on a building site, but we were a short bus ride away from KSU.

We got our instructions on how to get there using Busan Awesome.

End the walk in a building site

We realised that this was the route our pirate ship tour took us.


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Such a pretty spot to go fishing

Catching our breath and watching the fishermen

Probably not the best attire for a hike...

Unsuitable footwear

View at the start of the walk

Pretty Blue Sky

View of Gwangan bridge

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