Thursday, 18 October 2012

Goat Meat and Goodbyes

Beer and fish and chips on the curb side, just like us
Northerners like it.
I've been a little neglectful this week, mainly owing to the fact that it's the school's third event day of the year. Cue lots of late nights cutting and painting, and long days spent drilling songs and dialogues into the kids. All in the name of fun. This semester's theme is space, so our room is looking pretty impressive, but I'll load up the pictures next week.

This weekend was another pretty quiet one. I was hoping to rest up ready for event day and this upcoming weekend. Nick and I are heading to Seoraksan National Park where we intend to go on a hike. I'm a little worried though, as my legs have only just stopped aching from the race I had to do last week for sports day, so maybe not in peak condition for this. Still, I've done my research and I'm assured that this is the best time of year to go. Whilst researching I also read the piece of advice to be careful of 'mountain wenches that will try and entice you with their delicious berry wine'...well that's something to look out for.

But the highlight of my quiet weekend was going to the small village of Guemjong Sansong near Oncheonjang and trying goat's meat. It was BBQd away from the table and served with a huge array of multicoloured sides. It was delicious. Even better, the makeolli that was served with the meal had been bottled that same day, so it seemed rude not to treat ourselves to a few bottles. After the meal we went and sat down by the river where the boys amused a group of ajumma hikers who were taking a break by acting like children whilst having stick races in the river.
Stick races are a rather serious matter apparently.

Not cool enough for the races so we sat and looked pretty.
Monday was a sad night for me, as the time came for me to say goodbye to my fellow Northerner, Stripper Bunny, also known as Pete. Pete was one fifth of our scavenger hunt dream team who even though I've only just properly started to get to know him, will miss him lots. Who else can endure me talking about how much I miss gravy? If you don't recognise him in the pick above, this angle may jog your memory...

He decided he wanted to go to the Savoy in Seomyeon for fish and chips. I've only been here twice, and both times it's been because someone has raved about it, but both times I've been left a little disappointed. Although the fish is usually great, the chips are over friend to the point that it reminds me of Saturday afternoons at the swimming pool after my weekly doggy paddle session.  After dinner we headed to Rock and Roll boy where we had our last few games of pool, where he suitably thrashed me and then it was time to say our goodbyes. Possibly the worst thing about Korea is always having to say goodbye to friends way before you feel ready to do so.

Sadly I'll miss his final night out over the weekend as I'll be busy climbing up mountains, and hopefully won't be sipping wine with the wenches.

A little note also to say hello to anyone who's reading my blog for the first time through Koreabridge!

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