Monday, 22 October 2012

Event Day: Outer Space!

Every school year at Namsung they throw four event days in the English department. Last week was our third one of the year. From previous experience I knew what to expect, late nights decorating, lots of last minute of packing goody bags for the kids and tweaking our costumes. For the teachers it's pretty hard going, for weeks before hand you need to drill into the kids songs, dialogues and games they'll perform in each room, repeating the same thing two times an hour for 5 hours a day, and then the late nights planning it before hand, but for the kids I imagine that it's pretty magical.

Our school goes all out and the principle seems to have a never ending pot of money when it comes to the English event days. In the past we've had under the sea and the environment, this year our theme was space, and I was working in the solar system room where we  taught the kids the names of the planets. I loved how we decorated our room, we covered it from floor to ceiling in black vinyl (basically bin bags) with neon stars, aliens and rockets dotted all about. The best part was the black light that made everything glow! Amazing! We even fashioned a mini black hole that the kids could enter the room through. It was great to hear their gasps when they walked in and the glow sticks they'd been given really started to radiate.

The other rooms taught the kids the zodiac signs and personality traits, and Tasha's room was based around Captain Planet trying to save the planet, and...erm...the Little Prince? I think everyone was confused by this but Tasha managed to glaze over it by dazzling everyone with her Mother Earth costume.

Even the vice principle got involved, clambering up on the tables and getting the vinyl up, I couldn't help but laugh though as I had Radio 1 playing and Beyonce's Bootylicious came on and he was humming along, not really sure if he knew the direct translation...
Here's how my classroom usually looks
Space classroom
All pimped out for event day...
Classroom alien
Add a black light and it's super suped up...
Classroom moon and stars

English zone space hallway
The hallway of the English department
Tasha and I
Tasha as Mother Earth and I in the messy office
Classroom black hole
Handmade black hole
Classroom blackhole
I was more excited about this than the kids
Grace, Jina and Peter
Grace and Gina as Aries and Peter as Sagittarius in the zodiac room
Captain Planet room
Tasha in action in the Captain Planet room
Head astronaut
Head teacher and others as astronauts
1st graders explore space cut outs
No need to look happy guys...
Space ship cut out
Cute first grader
3rd graders space song
3rd Graders singing and dancing

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