Wednesday, 19 September 2012

What we Gone and Did at the Weekend

I know it's a little late to be writing about what we did last weekend, as the coming weekend is closer now, but it was a really great one for lots of different reasons:

Oktoberfest on Friday night. I'm not usually a beer drinker, but after several months in Korea I can now handle the likes of Cass, Hite and Max, so I decided to give a few others a try, and was surprised that I didn't actually mind what I tasted! Even better than being able to try new drinks was the fact that they were served in an adorable mustache beer mug which we were able to take home with us. I don't think that I will be able to forget when the poor mascot who was dressed as a beer mug was forced to dance to the whole of Gangnam style. Half way through, a middle aged dad decided to try and outdo him, so ran onto the dancefloor swinging his crotch about in an X-rated way to the cat calls and applause of all the drunk Korean women stuffing their faces with a strange Korean twist on German sausage. The man was later told to tone it down by a female Russian performer who I couldn't tell was supposed to be dressed as red riding hood after she'd stuck her finger in the plug socket or a medieval wench. I loved that she chastised him by wagging her finger like a Victorian matron, that was him told.

The Scavenger Hunt on Saturday I think that enough's been said about this already here. But it was lots of fun to do, great to spend time with a couple of people I didn't know all too well, and see exactly what we could get away with in Korea with the excuse that we're Waygooks.

Meeting New People Our lovely friend Alex had 7, that's right, 7 whole friends come and visit him the last week or so, so it was nice to meet lots of new and interesting people back from the UK. It was funny to see their first opinion on things that we now take for granted.

Sunday Afternoon in Rock and Roll Bar Apart from not actually knowing where the place was, and me being adamant that I did for at least 20 minutes, making four of us traipse the streets in the rain looking for it and swearing I was on the right side of the road, it was good when we did get there. Lots of games of pool (my team won 2, I like to think the one ball I potted was pivotal to our victory), darts and cherry coke! Surrounded by friends on a wet and miserable Sunday night, what more could you want from a bar?!

Monday off work  extended weekends are always good. School was closed on Monday due to typhoon Samba. Apart from a bit of rain and wind, there was nothing out of the ordinary around Nampo-Dong, just a normal, wet, blustery Autumn day back in the UK! Which meant that Tasha and I could make the most of it. I didn't wake up until 11, but then we headed out and went for coffee and a bit of shopping at Lotte's Artbox.

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