Monday, 17 September 2012

Scavenger Hunt

This weekend we decided to take part in a Scavenger hunt being held in Busan. We didn't know much about it but were assured by a friend who was here last year that it was lots of fun.

We got ourselves into a team of 5 and registered. The first task was having to pick a name, I know Tasha was pushing for us to think of one because we had to register it asap and as a joke I suggested Tasha and the Snuggle Bunnies as no one was putting anything forward, thinking it would scare the guys into coming up with something- but no, the boys liked it and the team name was registered.

Next we had to come up with an outfit, this was pretty easy so Tasha and I went to the fancy dress shop and bought some bunny ears and tales for us to wear. We trawled around Nampo market looking for pink tops, I'm not sure what the guys thought but here is the end result:

When we got to the meeting point on the day we were told that we would have to play flip cup against another team, the team who won would get their tasks, the team that lost would have to go to the back of the queue until they were given another team to challenge. I am rubbish at flip cup so was a little worried that I would let our team down. However, despite swallowing the drink down the wrong whole and it dripping out my nose, and my hands shaking uncontrollably, I managed to flip my cup, after about a hundred tries, and with the rest of the team doing amazingly we won!!

We got our envelope with our challenges, I've highlighted the ones we managed to do:

1. Take a pic of a human pyramid with as many people as possible.
2. A pic of a team mate upto their neck in the sea.
3. A pic of a team mate feeding Baskin Robbins ice cream to a member of staff.
4. A pic of a team member on the back of a motorcycle.
5. Creating the best 'Blackout Korea' picture. 
6. A pic of a team mate handcuffed to a policeman
7. A picture of the team re-enacting the opening scene of the Lion King, using someone elses pet as Simba.
8. A pic of a reflection of the whole team in something other than a mirror.
9. A pic of a team member inappropriately groping a mannequin
10. A pic of a team member jump high-fiving a mascot
11. "I can't believe we all fit in here" shot.
12. A pic of the whole team wearing adjumma visors.
13. A pic of the entire team in a convertible car.
14. A pic of the team recreating The Last Supper.
15. A pic of two strangers hugging while 2 team members make a heart in the background.
16. A pic of a team member photo bombing a stranger's picture.
17. A pic of a team member wearing a fast food uniform, with the employee in shot.
18. A video of one team member slapping another around the face with a fish.
19. Create a soju commercial involving at least 4 strangers.
20. A video of 2 or more team members playing leap frog with a group of old men.
21. Create a one minute instructional workout video using adjumma workout equipment.
22. A video of a round of flip cup with 3 team mates playing strangers.
23. A video of a dramatic earthquake.
24. Recreate the Gangnam style dance video.
25. A video of a team mate buying one grape from an adjumma.
26. A video of 3 team mates taking part in a wheel barrow race with 3 strangers holding their feet, between 2 coffee shops.
27. A video of a team member throwing dough behind the counter of a pizza place.
28. A video of a team member serenading an adjumma with an instrument of their choice.

Here are the things we managed to do:

As you can see, we didn't do too well, by 2pm we'd lost our challenge sheet, so decided to have a beer instead, I liked that our team had the attitude that it was the taking part that counted. The boys got a lot of attention in their fetching outfits and even got a round of applause when we entered one bar that was showing the NZ and SA Rugby game.

When we all got back together in KSU some teams had completed all of the challenges, so unsurprisingly Tasha and the Snuggle Bunnies were not victorious, although I think a good day was had by all.

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