Wednesday, 12 September 2012


I've always been rubbish at saying goodbye so this morning was not easy at all, especially as it was so early and I had just dragged myself out of bed to see my mum and Julie one last time. I'll post more about our trip tomorrow.

I was slightly cheered up by the phone call I got twenty minutes later from my mum laughing at the taxi driver as he serenaded them on their way to the airport. Oh Korea!

Back to school today after a couple of extra days off wasn't too bad apart from being told that maybe I'll have a special guest watching my lesson know what the word maybe means from this post.

So tonight I've cleaned my flat from top to bottom, am going to get some Don Katsu fried goodness with Tasha in a minute then intend to make a start on Mad Men Season 3 until I fall asleep.

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