Thursday, 20 September 2012

Care Package V5

It's like Christmas has arrived since my mum's visit. I've received two parcels and my big bag from home, so lots of new goodies to eat, wear and use!

I love all the weird and wonderful things that you can buy from Korea, but sometimes you can't beat a good old box of Cadbury's chocolate fingers, or shoes that fit properly! Those chocolate fingers got dunked straight into a cup of tea and turned into straws.

This one was from Lucy, the first proper friend I made when I started university. We met on the tour of the uni, before either of us had decided to go to Trent, so it was nice to see her there in my first lecture. If I only I'd known what I was letting myself in for with this girl with the looks like Princess Jasmine and the mind of a potty. There were lots of laughs and the occasional moment where I'd feel the pit of my stomach go when I couldn't actually believe what I was seeing/hearing. I think the doodles on the postcard, that you conveniently can't see here, say it all really! Thanks Luce!

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