Thursday, 27 September 2012


Artbox is a stationary shop in Korea that I'm having a full blown love affair with, which I don't think Paperchase would be happy about.

The stuff is all weird or cutesy in the way that only Korean stuff is, and it's sooo cheap. It makes all of Paperchase's products look dull and slightly dowdy when you compare it. It sells everything from the conventional stationary stuff to make-up, waffle makers, jewellery, pajamas, suitcases, all in glorious sickly marshmallow toned colours with cat faces and Knoglish sayings.

 Many an hour I've spent trawling through the shop, looking at the things I've looked at a million times before, and trying to find a good excuse why I shouldn't buy it. The nights we head to Nampo to meet with friends for dinner, we always seem to end the night here.

Oh Artbox, how I'll miss you when I leave. xx
So many notebooks...
Sonny Angel dolls are a roulette, you pick a box and don't know which you'll get!
A table full of cactai
A mini tree in the middle of the shop lets you write your wishes and attach them.

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  1. found this post when reading your giveaway post, OMG ARTBOX!!! It's seriously a place I missed once I stepped out of Korea ;A; I miss Artbox! All the cute stationary!!! WELP!!! >_< I'm so running out of cute notebooks to write and the first thing I had in mind was I wish I had artbox around here because I love spending my money for their cute stationary ;A; I even want to go to Korea to just go there and buy as many cute stationary as I can lol... xD