Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Our Weekend

We don't often get the chance to meet up with our Korean co-teachers so it was nice on Friday that they took us to a restaurant after work. The restaurant wasn't much to look at, it was hidden away in a dark corner of Nampo market, but the food was really tasty. It was marinated pork BBQ'd with lots of leaves and  rice.

After that I had a quiet night in while Natasha went to watch a Metallica tribute band at Vinyl Underground in KSU. I know how desperate that she was to see them, and it was their last ever gig so I'm glad she caught the show.

On Saturday I headed to Dadaepo beach which is pretty South of Busan. The weather was amazing, the beach was virtually empty compared to Haeundae and Gwangalli, it was nice to see so much open space.

I headed home eventually with the intention of trying to see my friend's band play, but got into PNU too late, so we sat at our usual joint, the street bar, for a while before the girls headed for food at a chintzy Italian restaurant. The restaurant had tiny booths that were separated from other tables with big screens and curtains, and had big fluffy sofas to sit on. After eating I think we could all easily have dozed off. We managed to stay awake though and chatted late into the night.

Sunday we met up in Sajik and went for some delicious food at, which i think is the closest that I have come to a Sunday roast since I have been here, with chicken, potatoes and vegetables in a thick sauce that was almost like gravy, with an added kick! I ate while the boys chatted excitedly about Fantasy Football, even half way around the world there is no escaping it.

From there we headed out to watch Busan I'Park, the local football team play against Sangju , who is the military's team. Unfortunately they didn't score so it was a little boring as my first experience of football here in Korea.. It was nice to see the players that played for the Olympic team celebrated so much as they were applauded at the end, and pretty funny to watch Nick knock over a small child as he tried to catch the ball one of the players threw into the crowd.

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