Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Our Weekend: Walk the Plank

A good weekend was definitely in order on Friday when we had finished our first week of Summer Camp. It's been incredibly tough, teaching more lessons than usual packed into just a few hours, and it's also been my first time teaching children who are under the age of 10. They have alot shorter attention span and obviously a lower ability of English so it's been a massive challenge. But on the bright side there's only a week and a bit left to go! And on the plus side we're working half days so get the afternoon free to do as we please!

So last Friday afternoon I was ready for a bit of peace and quiet, so headed to Hwamyeong on a bike ride down the river. I love it there as it makes me feel 100 miles away from the pushy ajummas and the honking of taxi horns. It also seems as though it's going to be the perfect spot for skating so I can't wait to take my skates down there soon.

After the ride we headed to PNU to watch Dan perform his stand up act which he does once a month. He was really funny, and it was nice to catch up with everyone after we'd all done our own thing that week due to Summer holidays.

Saturday we all got together to celebrate Katie and Alex's birthday on a pirate ship. There's an old fashioned sail boat that does a trip between two points in Busan, so we all donned our eye patches and grabbed our swords for a pirate themed party. It was so much fun being surrounded by good friends and new people,  good atmosphere and the amazing scenery. This was followed by the first, and best house party that I've been to since being in Korea. I still have apartment envy of Katie's new flat.

Sunday I went to see what the new H&M had to offer at Shinsegae,  where I bought a few new tops and a skirt. This was followed by an amazing curry at Namaste in Dongbaek, delicious! The weekend was rounded off when we all went to sit on the beach and chat, I was very jealous of all the people whose vacations had just started and spent most of the night there on the beach.

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