Sunday, 12 August 2012

Our Weekend: Banana Boating

This weekend was a little hectic and started early with birthday celebrations on Thursday night for Katie's birthday. We went to one of my favourite restaurants in KSU that does an amazing mackerel dish and serves Makeolli out of old fashioned copper kettles. A couple of the girls had managed to sneak ahead and decorate the table, which turned out to be a couple of plastic tables on the street corner outside, much to the amusement of the owner who kept taking pictures of us with our banners.

Friday we headed out to PNU, had some Korean BBQ and then went to a little Mexican bar whose owner wore glasses as thick as jam jars and was happy to stay open late to let us play pool and darts.

Saturday we all went to the Wolfhound in Haeundae to celebrate Alex's birthday and say farewell to another friend who will be leaving soon. I'm dreading when the time comes around to start saying bye to so people that have helped me have such a great time here.

Finally today the weather was a little cloudier and stormy, but that didn't keep us away from the beach to finish off the celebration of Alex's birthday. He was desperately looking for a way to have a ride on a jet ski, and a lovely Korean took pity on him and offered him a ride on his own private jet ski. This turned into all of us having the chance to go on a banana boat. It was lots of fun, but really scary and pretty painful whenever we fell off.

We watched day turn into night sat in Beached, looking out to Gwangalli beach and playing scrabble. Perfect! I now feel ready to face the last week of Summer camp, which is especially helped by the fact we have a day off on Wednesday! Hurray!

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