Tuesday, 21 August 2012


One of the promise lock trees at the top of Seoul Tower
The one good thing about Summer camp has been the fact I could leave school at 1 and not have to sit at my desk until 4:30. But it also means that the few hours I usually use to write my blog have been taken up by sunning on the beach or meeting friends...it's hard sometimes!

It was really nice to have a whole week all to myself to do whatever I wanted this month. We made the most of the weather by spending a few days relaxing on the beach, reading and eating watermelon. Another day I went for a really long walk in Hwamyeong which is becoming one of my favourite places in Busan. Then there was our trip upto Seoul where we explored the ancient palace and got a kitty overload at the Hello Kitty cafe. Visiting Forever 21 and H&M was also great, and I was excited to see the opening of the H&M in Shinsegae department store when I got back to Busan.

These few days were followed by a hot, sticky weekend in Jisan where I got to watch Radiohead, James Blake, The Stone Roses, Owl City and M Ward. I loved the festival, but my favourite part was definitely dipping my feet in the stream that ran through the grounds and being introduced to Bubble Pong drinks!

As if that wasn't enough festivities, there was Boryeong mud festival where we all got covered head to toe in mud. The atmosphere was amazing and running into the sea afterwards to wash it all off and start the madness again was definitely the best bit. Although I had to try and not think about how dirty the water must have been, especially everytime I walked through a suspiciously warm spot of water. No matter how exhausted I was on the bus ride home after that weekend, I couldn't help but laugh at everyone on the bus serenading the drunk guys.

This month was filled with superhero movies, we went to see Batman at the IMAX and Spiderman too. I love that in Korea there's no messing about with movies and they don't show any adverts before hand. I also visited the DVD bang to watch Toy Story 3 as I realised it was getting a little ridiculous that I hadn't watched it yet. I also finished the first season of the Wire and am well on my way to finishing the second. Is anyone massively anti McNulty like me? For some reason I just can't stand him!

I finally started my language classes this month, so I'm hoping to be able to speak alot more than I can at the moment, and stop giving blank looks whenever I'm asked anything. The teacher seems really sweet and as the weeks go on there are less and less students, which means more teachers for me!

We had our second event day session where I was a weather girl and Tasha was made to dress as a polar bear, not exactly what she needed when the weather was so hot and humid here.

Finally I shared my love of soju and the perhaps insincere compliments that we're peppered with day in day out on the last couple of Friday Favourites. I've decided to give Friday Favourite a break as it was becoming  harder and harder to think of things.

Finally I shared my love of StumbleUpon (Noone's bought me the Gatsby jumper yet), we discovered a tasty new Mexican called O Taco and just couldn't stop singing Carly Rae Jepson, thanks to everyone at Mudfest! Someone help me to get it out of my head!

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