Monday, 20 August 2012

End Of Summer Camp

Camp finally finished on Friday. It's only been three weeks but it's felt like so much longer. It's definitely been the hardest three weeks of my stay in Korea so far.

It was a massive challenge teaching kids that  were 5 or 6 years younger than the ones that I'm used to teaching, especially at the end of a hot, sticky summer camp session when they're just itching to get outside.

Even though we only had to work half days, we were teaching more lessons than we normally would in a whole day, back to back with very little break so by 1:30  most of the times we were ready for bed.

It's funny though as now we're back to normal teaching, my favourites from Summer camp have turned out to be the naughtiest ones. I loved one little boy that would turn up to school wearing ajumma pants or tshirts covered in robots, hand grenades and ice creams. He was like a mini ninja that somehow managed to wipe off anything I happened to write on the board- but would always give me a helping hand to control the other six boys.

My favourite part was watching each group perform a play they'd been practising for weeks. Even the ones that drove me mad in class looked amazingly cute!

All in all, I'm relieved that it's over. and cannot wait to see my normal classes again. But I'm also very proud that I managed to get through it, even if I do feel like I need another vacation already.

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