Monday, 13 August 2012

Care Package V4

After 4 weeks of waiting avidly for this parcel it finally arrived this morning, sent all the way from the UK by my lovely friend Hannah.

It had been squished and prodded and was almost as flat as a pancake when it arrived but everything inside was fine.

Inside there was:

1. M&S Percy Pigs, some of my favourite sweets that I've shoved in my cupboard and am trying to forget about.
2. Limited edition Olympic themed peanut M&Ms. (Well done UK you did so well!)
3. A jelly Belly lollipop.
4. Jelly!
5. Aero dessert mix which I'm already chilling in the fridge to try and brighten up this gray Monday afternoon.
6. A key ring to match my tattoo, it's a shame they don't use keys in Korea!
7. Primark pants, how I miss Primark.
8. A cherry coke flavoured lip balm that tastes good enough to just eat out of the pot.

I was so relieved to see it sat on my desk this morning as I was beginning to think it would never turn up.

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