Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Our weekend

Maybe a bit too much support for the roller
derby team going on here...
This weekend I wasn't feeling too upbeat after the news from home and with being sick for a few days, so didn't really do much at all. On Friday night we went for some food at this little restaurant in PNU. It has an amazing outside area that feels like it's almost on the set of India Jones. There are lots of dimly lit corners you can find to sit in, and the trees around the restaurant are very over grown so it feels like you're sat in the jungle, rather than the second biggest city in South Korea.

After a few makgeollis there we went to the Ha Ha Hole in Soultrane in PNU to watch a friend do his stand up. He was really funny (I don't mean to sound so surprised). It was a nice change to take it a little easier than usual, especially as I was feeling so delicate.

Saturday I got up early and ran some errands and then went for some late lunch with friends, before heading home to nap and try and find the next episode of The Wire to watch. There was a big fundraiser for the orphanage at The Wolfhound, an Irish bar in Haeundae which we went to. It had been put on by the gaelic football team and it was soooo unbelievably busy. We eventually got so hot that we went to drink for a while at the beach, then headed back later to meet our friends.

Sunday I had a really really lazy day, I didn't get out of bed until 2, went into Dokcheon and had an amazing salad, followed by a really good kiwi juice, then went to the DVD Bang to watch Toy Story 3. I'm not sure if I've mentioned the DVD Bang on here before, but it's basically a video shop where you also rent a room out with a massive bed/seatee where you can just lounge around and watch the film. It's amazing. I hadn't seen Toy Story 3 before, but I had been warned how sad it was. I don't know if it was because of my mood but I was really not prepared for it!! I was so thankful to Bonnie in the end though! Phew!

I'm starting to like PNU more and more though, it's always alot more relaxed night, and I think when we all go together it's really nice to be somewhere where you can have a chat and a dance. I felt a little more rested than usual on Monday morning though, and went to my first Korean class last night! I'm going to be fluent soon, I just know it!!
At Soultrane in PNU
The Pirate Bar
Tasty Kimchi Pajeon that would be even better
without the tentacles
Dan doing his stand up at PNU

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