Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Our Weekend: Mudfest

Muddy Girls
I haven't been able to get Carly Rae Jepson's Call Me Maybe out of my head since Sunday night. Along with the many tweaked versions that were developed over the weekend at Mud Festival. Never again will I be able to hear her crooning about ripped jeans without thinking about being covered in mud.
My favourite bits of the mud festival were:

The Mud! Being covered head to toe in it, and having an excuse to slather other people in it was great. Giving friends you hadn't seen for a long time, big muddy hugs was amazing. Also having mud fights with complete strangers was something that never seemed appropriate until now.

Washing it all off in the sea! I think this was my favourite part, even though the weather was pretty grey all weekend, it was still nice to jump (or be pushed) into the sea and wash away all the dirt. There were so many people in the sea and just one poor lifeguard who was waving his arms around frantically trying to make sure no one went too deep. Then you'd get out the sea and go and get dirty again.

Not caring about the rain. I was wet through and covered in mud, so when the heavens opened up it didn't really matter. Normally I am a massive coward when it comes to rain, and will always be the first to be cowering under shelter as soon as it starts spitting, but not this time.

The pension. Sleeping in a massive open plan room with probably 40-50 other people wasn't as awful as it sounds. We met lots of new people, joined in a few sing-a-longs and laughed alot.

The bus ride home proved almost as much fun as the rest of the weekend, singing along to old songs, playing games and serenading drunk strangers who have just woken up from a nap with Jimmy Eat World.

Burritos. We finished the weekend with an amazing burrito at O Taco at KSU before heading home to get ready to face our last week at school before the Summer holiday.

Now, all the mud has long been showered away but the song is still lingering. So everyone else can suffer too.

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