Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Jisan Rock Festival

So the second half of my Summer vacation was spent at the ski resort of Jisan Valley, which turns into a ski paradise in the Winter. But the sun was blazing and all the slopes were green and grassy so that's where we headed to watch some bands at Jisan Rock Festival.

I think it's the most green I have seen in one place while in Korea, as most areas are pretty populated and built up, so it was nice to be back in nature.

Some of the bands I managed to catch were James Blake, Radiohead, M Ward, Owl City and the Stone Roses. Although I wouldn't say I'm a massive fan of any of the bands that played, I really enjoyed how mellow James Blake was and the effect he had on the crowd. I saw a grown man sobbing in the crowd at Mr Blake's music, although I'm not sure whether that had more to do with the vodka bucket in his hand.

I tried a delicious Bubble Pong drink, which is like a frozen smoothie/tea with pulses in it. I can't really do it justice with words. I also had an amazing strawberry frozen yoghurt drink. I wish they would come to Busan and open a branch.

The only downside was how hot the sun was and how little shade there was...thank goodness for the stream that ran through the festival grounds and the air con in the porta-loos!

Us arriving in Jisan looking fresh faced// a well deserved drink was had after putting up my tent// Watching M Ward// The Stage and grounds// Luigi and Mario coupling! By the third day she had discarded the hat, but he was still going strong!// Max Hammock// Cooling off in the stream// Bubble Pong Tea// Leave my camera with Caroline for two minutes and look what happens// Our array of bands// The way to our tents// Pretty Girls with Pretty flowers// Watching Beady Eye and waiting for our 1am train to take us home.

The first day of camp was pretty hard as we didn't get home until 6am and I had to be at work by 8am but I made it was well worth the fun that was had there...

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