Friday, 13 July 2012

Friday Favourite V 13: Soju

At the end of every week I'm going to write down one thing I love about Korea. Last week it was the backhanded and insincere compliments and here is this week's... .

The unlucky thirteenth Friday Favourite on Drifay 13th, I decided to dedicate it to something that could be any foreigners demise whilst in Korea... Soju.

Soju is probably best compared to vodka, although it used to be made out of rice and is half the percentage of vodka. It still has some weird bewitching affect on people, that will have their mouth, body and mind totally out of sync in no time at all.

The Koreans love the stuff, and who can blame them when it's only 60p a bottle? The first time I bought it mistaking it for a bottle of white wine. By the time we went to meet our friends, I knew exactly what I was saying in my head, but any declaration I made was maet with confused, blank stares. Eventually someone asked what I'd drunk, I explained the bottle and logo, and then their faces brightened knowingly and added 'ahhh that'll be soju'.

Since then I've refrained from drinking it neat and drinking it with a mixer instead. The only time we do drink it neat now is when at a BBQ, washed down with Cass. Tasha and I had a crowd of Koreans around us when we sat outside at a restaurant in Haeundae, every time we downed a shot of soju, roll up for the freaky waygook attempting to drink this native Korean drink that's probably good for stamina. (Just like every other Korean food is).

We've found a bar in Nampo that does an amazing strawberry soju cocktail, with a cute youn waitress who shuffles around in her flip flops that are 5 sizes too big and bellows 'I LOVE YOU! WELCOME TO KOREA' Whenever you leave the bar.  Soju has also created many funny memories for us so far in Korea, especially when someone is around to record the consequences...see the video below.

Many a night has been spent in KSU, sat outside Family Mart, having a swift bottle of soju if the night's not turning out as planned. This is one thing I will definitely miss when I move home, and I will never fail to have a little respect for the old guys in Korea that down Soju like it's a bottle of Perrier water, like a boss!

Here's to hopefully another great weekend filled with good friends and happy memories at Boryeong Mud Festival, powered by soju!

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