Wednesday, 4 July 2012


                    I got this blog inspiration from one of my favourite blogs, Sometimes Sweet.

I'm currently...

Thinking alot about my Grandad. I've just been told he's in the hospital at the moment. I really hope that he is feeling a little brighter soon and might be able to make it home. It's times like this that it's tough being so far away from home.

Watching this weekend we went to watch the The Amazing Spiderman. It wasn't as good as I had hoped, although I loved Andrew Garfield in it, and I'm a massive fan of Emma Stone too, although i think she should bring back the red or dark barnet.

Obsessing over watching the next season of The Wire. I know I'm slow on the uptake of it, the first season is 10 years old now, but I loved every minute of it and I can't wait until I get the time to watch Series 2. Also if you see my previous post I'm still obsessing over Stumbleupon and Pinterest!

Eating Werther's Original with a creme filling. They're immense. All thanks to the lovely Leigh. You should read her blog Doll Parts. I also had the most amazing pizza at a restaurant in Seomyeon, just near American Apparel and can't wait to eat there again.

Looking Forward to starting Korean classes next Monday. It'll be nice to actually be able to do some basic things in Korean, although every day I find that i'm understanding more and more. I'm also looking forward to trying a few more jimjilbangs in the next couple of weeks after a luxurious trip to Spa Land again on Sunday night. Also the weekend, summer break and the Boryeong Mudfest in a few weeks.

Laughing about the fact that we're still such a novelty at Korean clubs. This weekend we went to the Club Fix Lounge in Dongnae where very few other foreigners venture. As soon as we walked in the girls gathered around us and if anything the difficult conversations we have in broken English are endearing. One girl that took a particular shining to us kept thrusting this strange flashing red baton into our hand and trying to shove us onto the tiny stage. She also got the help of her male friend to try and pick me up and put me on the stage when i refused, which only ended very messily as i flailed so much he dropped me and I managed to kick my shoe off across to the other side of the room...By the end of the night it was funny to see the girls peering off over our shoulder and looking very doey eyes toward the guys, I think they may have been after a few English classes!

Reading One Day by David Nicholls. I'm a bit mixed on this, I saw the movie before I saw the book, so I think knowing what's going to happen in the book means I'm not 100% motivated to finish it, yet at the same time want to get it done so that I can move onto the long reading list I have building up.

Perplexed by the fact my purse turned up yesterday. It had been in the boys toilets at school for the last two weeks, and when I looked inside, absolutely everything was still there. Very strange if you ask me...

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