Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Summer Vacation

It's already our second day back at school and our vacation seems like it was months ago already. I had a really great time though filled with sunshine, friends and music.

I loved being in Seoul and getting away from Busan for a few days. I loved the feeling of some of the areas of Seoul, especially Edae and Hongdae. I can't wait to go back when it's a little cooler and we have more time to explore the nightlife.

We fitted alot in, Gyeongbukgong Palace, we saw the fountain on Banpo bridge, did some shopping at Forever 21 and H&M, visited the Hello Kitty Cafe, Seoul Tower where I loved the promise locks that friends and couples leave on the railings up there, Namdaemun market and ate some good Mexican and Italian food. It will be even better if Clare moves there, giving me the excuse to visit even more.

I always thought that Busan was relatively big but never expected Seoul to be quite as big as it was. 2 days was not enough to explore, rather have a whistle stop run around all of the well known places before I headed to Jisan Festival.

Just so I don't leave everyone to interpret the pics on their own, let me add captions...
 Exploring the grounds of Gyeongbukgong Palace//  Cocktails in a rooftop bar in Itaewon// 
Banpo Bridge// Hello Kitty Cafe at Night// Mexican food and drinks at Hongdae//
Breakfast at the coffee shop// Hello Kitty Cafe// Shopping in Seoul// Seoul Tower Sights

Monday, 23 July 2012

Our Weekend: Summer Vacation Starts

It's been 4 and a half months since we had a break but the Summer Holidays officially started on Thursday night. It's only for a week, and I'm sure the time is going to fly by.

We started our holiday with some tasty Makgeolli in Dongnae and discovered passion fruit beer at Thursday Party which was amazing.

On Friday I ventured to the river near Hwamyeong in the North of Busan and spent the afternoon meandering down the paths and lazing about on the decking areas in the sun, listening to the river run by and watching the dragonflies dart about. It was exactly what I needed after spending so long in Busan without really seeing any green.

Saturday the sun was shining yet again so I went to the beach and saw the night in at the Wolfhound in Haeundae.

It was Sunday that I was really looking forward to though, as we had tickets to see the new Batman movie at the IMAX theatre. It had everything in the mixture that should have made it a great movie, but for some reason I didn't love it as much as I had hoped. I didn't think there was enough Christian Bale in it, although Justin Gordon Levitt did make up for a little of it. I came away slightly disappointed, but nothing amazing pizza and a few drinks with good friends at the Rock and Roll bar in Seomyeon couldn't cure.

Finally Monday I spent on Haeundae beach, going to my language class and trying to find everything I need for the adventures that we have planned for the rest of this week. Exciting! This also means that I won't be updating for a little while...probably until next Monday, I hope that everyone has a great week though!

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Event Day!

This week we had our second event day in the school. Event days are always really tiring for the teachers as we have to spend late nights decorating the classrooms, shopping for prizes for the games and planning what will happen in each room. But it is worth it when the kids first run into your room and get overly excited.

This year was all about the environment, and my room was about the weather in countries all around the world. We decorated the room with lots of weather symbols, with big raindrops and baubals hanging from the ceiling, and I got to dress as a weather girl. Tasha on the other hand was in a global warming room, dressed as a polar bear in the sweltering heat. I'm sure fun times were had by all...