Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Our Weekend: Thing 1 and Thing 2

This weekend was a pretty lazy one for us. We met some old and new friends in Nampo on Friday night and tried a few more bits of street food. So far I am still loving the pajeon and hotteok more than anything else. We deposited one of our friends onto the last metro and had an early night. I think the highlight of this night was discovering that Beer Mart stock Hooch, the ridiculously controversial alcoholic drink. We had one for old times' sake and after one my face started burning, which suggests it's probably a good idea they're not available in the UK anymore...

Saturday was all about the puppy cafe as it was a little overcast and dull, although I was very disappointed by it. It wasn't half as nice as With Cat in KSU and was very dirty. I definitely wouldn't go back, and wouldn't recommend it.

Saturday night some of the girls got together for an impromptu night out in KSU. I feel like Tasha and I may have ruined the tone as all the other girls looked so sophisticated, but we decided to wear our Thing 1 and Thing 2 T-shirts that I bought us from Universal Studios when I went last year.

We went for some amazing food in a gorgeous restaurant tucked out of the way from the main street in KSU and then hit Ol'55 for the Busan Haps launch night. We watched a few bands and had a few drinks, then ended up drinking at Family Mart out on the main street. I'm surprised how many of my nights turn out like this nowadays. I wish this was something that could be done in the UK, it's so cheap and nice to bump into everyone you know as they walk past to wherever they're headed that night.

Sunday was lovely and sunny again so I went to meet Ethan on Songdo beach. I am so envious that he lives 30 seconds away from the beach. Although the view is a bit questionable at times, as lots of ships drop their anchor and float around on the horizon all day.

That night we headed back to Nampo where we had yet more street food (gross chicken and mandu) and saw the last few hours of Sunday from the top of Yongdusan Park, below Busan Tower. This might become one of my favourite spots in Busan at night, it's so pretty and is only improved by the fact that you can buy a Cornetto while you're up there!

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